Sri Cherry Industries


Sri Cherry Industries are the suppliers of sanitary ware products, solar products and tiles.We offer our quality products for both residential and commercial sectors.Our firm was established in the year 2005.We supply our products in various sizes, colors and designs according to the client needs.



1.Sanitary (CP fittings & Bath room Accessories,Faucets,Floor Molds,Wash Basins,Wall Hangs,Glass Wash Basins)
2.Solar products (Solar Water Pumping Systems,Solar House Lighting systems,Solar Street Lights,Solar Lanterns)
4.Wind Energy


CP fittings & Bath room Accessories                                           Floor Molds                                                   Wash Basins

CP Fittings & Bathroom Accessories                       Floor Molds                       Wash Basins


Faucets                                                       Wall Hangs                                                               Glass Wash Basins

Faucets                            Wall Hangs                              Glass Wash Basins


Street Lights                                                                                                Solor House Lighting Systems

Solar Street Lights                                Image result for solar home lighting system


Tiles                                                                                         Wind Energy

Tiles                                            Wind Energy



1. Aditya Engineering College

2. Pragathi Engineering College

3. Sri Prakash Educational Institute

4.Devi Multiplex (Kakinada)

5. Ushodaya Construction

6.Modern Constructions

7. NagireddyEswaraRao (Irripaka)


Sri Cherry IndustriesNo. 9 A, ABD Road, Samalkot, Near RAK Ceramics, Samalkot,
Kakinada-533437, Andhra Pradesh, India
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