A Fantastic Electric Motorcycle Design


Motorcycle Design advances make the human life more comfortable, but on the other hand, these advances cause many problems and damages in the human life such as environmental pollution. Fossil fuels consumption in the vehicle engines contaminates our environment and this is one of the main issues in this regard. Reducing environmental pollution is a global plan nowadays, and using electric and hybrid electric vehicles and substitution fuels such as ethanol are among the solutions to reduce the emissions or not to let them increase. The hybrid technology and hybrid electric vehicles are put forward as a new argument and because of its specifications, it is expected that this technology becomes more and more popular.Since 1988 the commercial hybrid electric vehicles are introduced in the Market.Fuel consuming motorcycles are one of the ordinary vehicles in the urban transportation. Urban transportation requires a low output power and it causes the incomplete combustion and more air pollution because of the low permissive speed and many cycles of braking and movement.


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In an ordinary ICE motorcycle design, the combustion engine, which is the only source of energy, is running in the whole driving cycle. The required fuel is supplied to the ICE by the fuel injection system. By changing the angle of acceleration handle, the driver determines the fuel valve aperture and the rate of incoming air into the cylinder chamber. The volume ratio of the air to fuel is constant, so the injected fuel is determined by the driver.In the hybrid motorcycle, the fuel engine does not work continuously. Therefore, in the manufactured prototype, two servo-motors are used to control the fuel valve aperture. The servos has 180 degree phase shift to each other and both of them control the gas valve by a metal wire. Based on the controller command, both servos move with same angles and in the opposite directions to adjust the required gas valve aperture. In zero degree, the engine valve is totally closed and in 90 degree, it is completely opened.


There are two types of power transmission systems, manual and automatic, which are used in motorcycles. In a manual system, the driver changes the gear by using a clutch. This is a suitable style for step torque changes and faster acceleration and the driver can choose the gear. In this system when the engine is turned off the gear condition is neutral and after start the driver selects the gear 1 and begins to move. During the movement, the driver changes the gear occasionally.


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